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  GoLingo.com is an online English language school designed by passionate, caring and positively motivated individuals with three main goals: the first is ‘availability’. We do this by providing online English lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students everywhere around the globe, anytime, all the time!

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  The second of our goals is ‘quality’. Each one of our lessons has been designed specifically to ensure all our students build a strong understanding of how the English language works both on paper, as well as in practice; as a result, we guarantee that, upon completing the third final exam, you will know how to speak English fluently and with confidence!

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  Finally, goal number three of ours is to ‘provide our students with actual results’; this is a very important, because the welfare and overall prosperity of every single one of our students is what we believe to be the ultimate key to running a successful, respectful, and truly honest business.